War-torn Lands Arc – Session 2

We established that two months had passed between the sessions, the bard was unable to attend but we had a new player, Ryan, who chose the Immolator playbook and named him Solomon Searskin. Mark chose to make a Halfling Thief named Sketch, and I allowed him to begin as a lvl 2 character.

Mark established that his Halfling was in league with the militant halflings from session one, that he was a fanatic and was working with Rebus despite knowing that Rebus was a different faction. That he was a spy of sorts, infiltrating the party and sharing information back to the militant faction.

We took some time to establish that the halflings had spread their faith and many adherents had seized on the promise for rebellion and had identified with the militant millennialism of the halfling monks. Their adherents are called the “Flames of Randall Army” or “the Reds” or “the F.R.A.”

Ryan had been following along and was excited to create his Salamander Immolator. He chose the neutral alignment and said that his character concept involved encouraging others to sacrifice their comfort/safety/complacency in order to pursue their inner desires. I asked him what a Salamander was, and he described a snake-like body roughly 10’ long that had arms. We established that we were all holding a “naga” concept in our minds and discussed a few advantages and disadvantages of this form. I made sure that he wanted to commit to this form instead of something with arms and legs and he affirmed.

I asked him then if he was the only Salamander, which he considered and then hesitantly affirmed. Sensing his uncertainty, I asked if he had an origin idea or if he would like me to propose one, as I had something in mind. He assented to my proposal, and I suggested that the great weapon that the dwarves had unleashed to destroy the forests had been an opening of many portals throughout the forest into the plane of fire. I suggested that he might have come through the portal then. Further, I said that I did not want his race to become central to our campaign by making him so monstrous that he would be the focus of each social encounter. I described that the setting could have an element from Planescape, where it is commonplace for townsfolk see an entity of which they had never before been aware.

The players liked these elements, and Ryan reconsidered the desire to be the only of his kind. He said that perhaps many entities from the plane of fire had come through when the portals had opened. I assented but suggested that if many entities had come through then they might be more of a known faction.  Seeing his agreement, I went on that many locals still harbored ill feelings towards the “Ashen,” or those who had come out of the fire.

New Bonds

Since we had only one character from the first session, we did all new bonds.

Rebus added a bond for Solomon, suggesting that he had stood by him in a battle. Also, Rebus respects the beliefs of Sketch, but hopes that they will change in time.

Solomon said that he had burned something belonging to Rebus, and owed him a service in return. We discussed this a bit as none of us really understood what it meant, but we decided that Rebus had known about Solomon’s ability to read the inner desire of others and had sacrificed a token of his past to the past in order to secure Solomon’s assistance with his quest. Ryan then added that Solomon sought to teach Sketch the true meaning of sacrifice.

Mark created a single bond, suggesting that Rebus would have Sketch’s back.

I asked everyone to take a short break, after which we would begin a scene.

The Execution

I framed a city scene in which many of the working poor had begun to wear red patches on their clothing. We saw the townsfolk pause what they were doing after a heavy bell began to ring. As the fourth strike echoed through the streets the people seemed incredulous, all knowing that four bells signaled a public execution. I asked the characters where they would be, if they would be near the execution.

Rebus stated that he was likely meeting with a noble, but perhaps they were on a veranda or in an apartment with a view of the public square. Solomon said that he would also be in the meeting, but Sketch said that he was likely in the crowd at the execution. Sketch and Rebus had a brief in-character conversation about public execution and about the tension between the two religious factions. We established that Rebus was a moderate of the “Randox” faction, short for the Randy Orthodoxy, and that those who would be executed were “Reds” of the militant faction inspired by the Halfling monks from the first session.

Rebus claimed that he had long known those who were to be executed, and that they used to belong to his parish. We talked a bit out of character about the city and the power structure of the factions, I also asked Phil how he pictured his role with regards to the parish. He saw that he had been ceded a structure that had been damaged in the war, and further that he had a number of loyal “Randox” adherents in the ranks of the low and middle classes of the city.

I brought us back into the flow of character play by introducing the sound of a rattling tea pot on a platter, and a door swinging into the room to reveal the beautiful Lady Constance, a war widow who had become a charitable leader responsible for feeding many of the poorest in the city. Solomon gazed deeply into her eyes as she sat, using the Immolator ability “Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire.” He saw that while she was passionate about her mission to feed the poor, she had an inner revolutionary spark that hated the system for which her late husband had fought as an officer. She despised the outdated morality and rigid social structures that her husband had unjustly given his life to defend.

The Gallows

I hard framed a scene-fade, knowing that we had been neglecting to pull Mark into the discussion. The image I painted was of the hastily-erected gallows set against the old wall of the inner fortification. This was a place of power for the Johnstone nobility, but was just outside the walls so formed a main public square. I began to describe that the noble Johnston was approaching the stage, and that the square was heavily defended by town guards and noble retainers.

I asked Sketch where he would be in the crowd. He asked if he would have observed a place where he could make a difference, at which point I suggested that he seemed to be trying to Discern Realities. He rolled a 7-9 and asked where he would see something of value. I pointed out two things he had noticed, one was that the guards were on edge and seemed on the brink of violence, the second was a group of three men who he knew to be sceptics of Randy but seemed disturbed by the execution and thus possibly open to conversion. He decided to position himself near the three skeptics.

I asked if anyone was trying to do anything before the execution, and after everyone declined I narrated Lord Johnston’s denouncement of the crimes of these three “Reds” fanatics who had desecrated statues of “The Founders” and who stood opposed to “the forces of order, industry, and progress.” The trapdoor was triggered, and three necks snapped as six feet twitched and kicked in the air. After a few tense moments the bodies stilled, and the crowds began to disperse. I asked Sketch if he was following the skeptics, he assented.

The Plight of the South Ward

Back in Lady Constance’s sitting room, the Lady seemed much disturbed by the violence. We had a lengthy discussion about her mission of feeding the poor, and as players we realized that we did not know why Rebus and Solomon had sought her out on this afternoon. When they did not have an immediate idea, I had Lady Constance prompt them by saying “I don’t believe I will be able to help you with the plight of the South Ward, my resources are stretched thin already.” This was all the prompting that the players needed to begin riffing off of, and after a few minutes of good dialogue Rebus tried to convince the lady to assist them by rolling a “Parley” where the offering was that they knew the lady was interested in bettering the city and the stakes were that she might be offended by their impolite insistence. Sure enough, Phil rolled below 7, so she asked that they leave her be to grieve the unnecessary deaths and to consider her next steps.

Ryan wanted to bring the party together, and asked if he had seen Sketch pursuing the men through the streets from the vantage of Lady Constance’s room. I agreed but added that they were a bit behind of Sketch and that the streets were thick with the dispersing crowd.

I asked Mark where the three sceptics had stopped, suggesting a bar in the South Ward. He assented and I asked him to describe the bar to me. He suggested a low thatched roof building amidst muddy streets. I added that there was the sound echoing through the street from a nearby smithy and the smell of animals. Further adding that he had just seen an emaciated goat bolt across the street, pursued by a scrappy youth.

I said that the men were Edan, Herne, and Maddox. I asked Sketch what he did as they took a seat in a corner table and ordered a round. He approached them and began a discussion of the execution. After a few minutes of dialogue we had established that the men were much disturbed by the execution, but didn’t believe that either religious faction could offer any answers to them. They complained about corruption and incompetence, asking what Lord Randy could do when the Baron Garrulo continued to rule the South Ward with an iron fist and exorbitant taxes.

I declared that this was overheard by Solomon and Rebus, as they entered the bar. Sketch parleyed the skeptics by offering assistance to take up arms against the Baron that very night if they would take up with the Reds. As players we discussed that while the Randox and the Reds were opposing factions, they were united in their opposition to tyranny and unjust rule.

The Barony

I asked Sketch to roll 2d6+dex to establish how they approached the Barony, as we were low on time and I wanted to get us right to the action. The result was 7-9, so I described an infiltration where the three party members and the three skeptics had snuck into the fortified manor house occupied by the baron. I hard framed a scene where they had entered the sitting room and saw a lantern light about to round the far corner.

Solomon immediately acted, saying that he wanted to use the move “Zuko Style” to have the lantern light flare and blind whoever is holding the lantern. Ryan rolled a 7-9, and I began to narrate a situation in which the lantern had exploded violently, killing the guard and making a loud noise. Ryan read the text of the rule, asking if instead of my narration the effect could be short lived and that no noisy explosion would have taken place. I assented after reading the Move, and described the guard as shouting out as his eyes were blinded by a brief flash of light.

Sketch ran forwards and tackled the blinded guard, after a brief struggle he stabbed him in the neck. I had him “Defy Danger” with strength to succeed. He rolled a 7-9, and offered that the guard had shouted out as he was tackled. The man was dispatched, but the sounds of feet rounding the corner alerted the party to the arrival of the Baron and three guards.

Solomon attempted to use “Burning Brand” to conjure a weapon of fire but he rolled a 6-. I asked Ryan what it looked like when Solomon attempted the conjuring and he imitated the drawing of a scimitar from a sheath. I added that as he drew the weapon, it had taken form but had not stopped growing, eventually overtaking his control and growing into the ceiling to spread on its own. I explained that he had tried to summon his fire directly from the plane of fire, and that it is difficult to limit such a connection.

As the fire spread down the hall, Rebus took a defensive stance and Sketch stood up from the ground. Solomon attempted to use “Zuko Style” to attack the four foes with fire. He succeded with a 7-9, so I had him roll damage. He rolled a 7, so I killed the three guards but had the Baron charge him with fury in his eyes and a mace held in his thick fist.

During the combat, I mixed damage results with combat positioning and the threat of fire to make every moment count. Solomon left the hallway, attempting to prevent the spread of the fire into the foyer and guarding the retreat route. Rebus retreated from the combat, believing that the fire would end the life of the Baron. Sketch dealt the killing blow as the ceiling was collapsing around him. The baron hit the ground and a necklace slid into view, I made it clear that it would require a “Defy Danger” roll with dexterity if Sketch wanted to get the necklace as the ceiling was continuing to collapse around him. He chose to forgo the attempt and to run for safety.

Session on March 8th, 2018

War-torn Lands Arc – Session 1

I approached this campaign of Dungeon World with the intention of allowing the setting and plot to develop out of character creation, as intended by the DW core book. I imposed one story element when we were getting started, which was that a cataclysmic war had ended recently. Also, we began with the understanding that this would be a short 3-session campaign.

The Characters

The players perused the character sheets briefly and then chose Paladin, Bard, and Druid. The Paladin is a human named Rebus, played by Phil. The Bard is a human named Kal Meza, played by Charlie. The Druid is an Elf named Hikorax, played by Mark.

I began by asking the druid about his land, and Mark read that as a Elf, Hikorax is from the Great Forest. I asked him to elaborate on the nature of the forest and to describe the elf civilization and Mark described a thick rain forest where the tribe was mostly isolated from the rest of civilization. I asked him how the great war had affected the tribe, and through a conversation we ended up establishing that the tribe had originally been neutral in the conflict but had been persuaded to take sides. As a result, a great weapon had been unleashed which had burned the forests and destroyed much of his tribe.

After we had a good idea about Hikorax’s background, we transitioned to the Paladin. Phil began by saying that Rebus was an adventurer spreading the work of Lord Randy. That he was a missionary in a far-away land. Further, that the infidels are the enemy because they worship a heathen religion.

So at this point we had the makings of a somewhat colonial situation, and we took a few minutes to discuss if we were all okay with the implications of unpacking colonialism and engaging with that topic. Everyone was on board, so we transitioned to the Bard.

I asked the bard about his instrument, he wanted to be a vocalist but I wanted there to be a physical instrument involved as well so I asked that he also have something to carry. He decided that he would carry a fine lute. I asked him how he had come by such a fine instrument, and he established that the lute had been handed over by the beautiful Rhonda, daughter of the noble Lord Johnson. From this, Charlie began to discuss that the bardic lore was “known history” and we talked about the setting a bit to flesh it out.

The Setting

We talked casually about the setting that we had established and it became clear that we were all holding a post-colonial South American archetype in our heads as we were establishing the setting, namely a Brazil inspired city. We decided that there is a major city named Suttolk that had been a trading post a millennia ago but had grown over the last few centuries as the world moved towards and into war. The great forests around Suttolk had been burned in the war by a great weapon devised by the Dwarves, who were the antagonist in the war.

As we discussed the city, we established that it was a somewhat segregated city but was very diverse as a result of all races and cultures coming to the city as soldiers and as migrants. We established that it was a city with a high degree of intermingling between peoples, but that there were also many culturally distinct neighborhoods and distinct factions. Finally, we established that the existing aristocracy was analogous to the English, and that they controlled some of the oldest and most fortified parts of the town.

The Bonds

The druid Hikorax had bonded with Rebus by showing him a secret about the land. Hikorax thinks that the bard Kal Meza smells like prey.

Rebus thinks that Kal Meza holds misguided beliefs. Rebus thinks that Hikorax is a brave soul.

Kal Meza makes jokes at Rebus’ expense. Kal Meza is not trusted by Hikorax, for good reason.

The First Scene

I asked everyone to take a five minute break, and when we came back I asked Rebus where he would find himself in the city. He said that he would be near the aristocracy, and in dialogue we established that he had ingratiated himself with the aristocracy, even though he did not hold any love for them.

I framed a scene where Rebus was in a café erected against a defensive wall, on the inside of a protected area in town. We had a few scenes where he and Kal Meza were in dialogue as characters, but Mark said that Hikorax would likely not be welcome to patronize a bar in that part of town. This led to a further discussion around racial hierarchy in town.

I scene-faded away from the bar and described Hikorax outside of the guarded entrance, roughly 100 yards from the patio on which the other characters sat. I described a bizarre scene, five halfling monks marching up to the guard post and demanding entry. Hikorax was interested in observing but not getting involved. The guards were unwilling to allow the monks entrance to the aristocratic sector without a writ of passage, as it became clear that the monks were willing to resort to violence I asked the Paladin and Bard what they had observed from their position in the bar. I told the paladin that he would recognize these monks as belonging to his religion, adherents of Lord Randy, although seemingly from a different sect.

The paladin said that he would be upset to be surprised by their arrival, that he was the representative of the church in this land and that he should have been told that others were being sent. He said that he would’ve moved to get involved as the monks had approached, so we framed his as within short distance as the violence broke out. The guard put a hand on the halfling monk’s shoulder to dissuade him, calling him “boy” which anyone who knows Halflings would know is a commonly used insult. The monk erupted in violence, cracking heavily into the shin of the guard with a heavy staff and continuing the assault.

Rebus attempted to halt the scene by commanding attention, this was the first move that had been made in the game so we briefly discussed the rules and set the stakes of the roll. I told Rebus that once he got involved the guards might associate him with the monks of Randy. Sure enough, the roll was a failure so the guards moved to arrest Rebus and the monks.

In the chaos, Hikorax snuck into the guard tower and looked about for symbols of civilization. A flag of the nobility was present and we established that he could take it without needing to roll. He then asked if there was a lantern he could knock over to start a fire. We established that there was a lantern, but that he would need to throw it across the room for the best chance at starting a fire, as there were more flammable materials available there. This was a defy danger with dexterity roll that he failed, we established that the stakes were that he might take too long to accomplish this task and sure enough a guard arrived. I made this as a soft move, with the chaos outside the guard simply wanted the elf to leave and was not aware of the attempted violence.

We faded back to the guards, and the arrest of the paladin finally convinced the bard to get involved. He was able to parley with the guards to secure the freedom of the men by offering an easier resolution to the situation. He said that the monks were new arrivals and that they would take on the responsibility to teach them the ways of the town, that the guards should tend to their injured companion and that the party would take on the monks. A successful parley roll led to the release of the paladin and the monks, but with the guards threatening that any subsequent disobedience would implicate the party as well as the monks.

At this, Rebus asked the guards to hold off on leaving until he was able to secure a promise of behavior from the monks. We had a conversation then which established that the monks had been sent from a militant faction, which had surged into leadership in the old world taking advantage of the power vacuum left after the war. The halfling monks were furious and militant and when Rebus demanded they swear to respect the laws of the town, we set up another roll for the paladin’s special rule “I am the Law,” the roll failed so  they accosted him for his weakness and assured him that now they saw him truly as a pawn of the old powers and a failed representative of the deity which sought to serve the poor and to improve the plight of the marginalized. Rebus responded by asking the guards to lock up the monks.

The Hunt

We did a hard scene fade and I asked the druid a few questions about what sort of ways he was involved in the town, he wasn’t sure so I asked about whether or not he would take a job as a guide for expeditions into the great forest. At his assent, I asked him for a 2d6 roll plus his wisdom. I wasn’t sure what rule I was using, but was essentially trying to set up something similar to an “encounter roll” like BitD. We had a 7-9 as a result, so we briefly described the expedition of the Noble Orisa who wanted to take his retainers and many wives to explore a grotto which had survived the great fires. The scene opened to reveal deer at the edge of a grotto, unmoving. The druid said that he was scouting, and he waited to see if the deer would move. Within moments, a giant crocodile-like beast emerged from the water and bit cleanly through one of the prey animals. The other animals remained unmoving, the first clue that the beast had a power beyond its sheer might.

The characters ran into combat without taking precautions about being frozen, I set up the situation as anytime they tried to engage with the foe they would need to also defy danger to avoid being caught by the gaze. I used a d12 for the damage of the foe, and we had a few rounds of tense combat. The crocodile beast threw the party around in addition to doing damage and then charged the retinue. The druid was brought to zero hit points when he ran to intervene, and only after the beast was weakened by some of the rear-guards was the paladin able to slay the beast. Mark decided to allow the druid to remain dead, wanting a new character. In the lair, the group found an enchanted horn that could produce enough water each day, straight from the plane of water, to quench the thirst of a score of people.

Session on March 1st, 2018

Dungeon of the Soul

This dungeon is very much inspired by Perdition and by Planescape. I really like the idea of the soul as eternal. I like the idea of death as an end and a beginning. I like the idea of each life serving as a specific test within the recurring drama of the soul. But beyond all that, I also just like the idea of this  hellscape as a place to position a dungeon so that you don't have to worry about stuff like logical congruity. Thanks to Slade Stolar for emailing with me and reminding me about a thing called "balance" that some of you value.

d20 Portals, Keys, and Destinations

PDF Version

1A mala of dark brown beads are always warm to the touch. Every eighth bead has a tiny holy symbol carved in exacting detail.In a large private room, the noise of the city barely registers. You feel an inner peace. A recessed shrine in the far wall has a pedestal with nothing on it. As you approach, a portal cracks into existence in the recession.You are in the same room, but it is filled with various monstrous humanoids prostrating themselves. Their skins are all different shades of blue. You hear a metalic groan and a bronze six-armed golem enters the room, striding towards you. Only the enlightened may remain here.
2A small leather pouch filled with 1d6 small carved bloodstone acorns. The acorns will grow if planted in volcanic soil.In a busy market you see a struggling vendor selling dirt and weeds. An arched trellis in the back of the stall is covered in dead vines. As you approach, a portal opens in the trellis. The vines on the trellis begin to floursh.You step out into an orchard of enormous & beautiful fruit trees. The fruits are deep red and enveloped in a hard shell in the rough shape of a human heart. Upon inspection, nestled in the roots of each tree will be 1d8 humanoid skulls, mostly fractured or embedded in the tree.
3A small empty glass vial with a cork. Only functions if it remians unopened. If opened, the party will be haunted by a wind spirit.In a high room, you hear the wind blowing through an open window. As you enter the room, debris blows across the floor in neverending flurries. If you approach the open window, a portal will crack to life and a loud wind will pour forth into the room, making hearing difficult.You are in a grey-blue space, buffeted by wind. You are falling. Far below you is a wind swept plain, dark shapes make their way across the ground, tornadoes. You can see a hill with an ancient castle in the far distance off to the North. The wind seems to come from that way. If you get close, you can see that grey skinned giants are pumping enormous bellows.
4A quill made out of a never-before-seen feather. Everyone who sees the feather sees it as a different color.Taxidermied birds hang from the wall of the office in this fine home. While approaching an open doorframe to the inner sanctum you hear the static of a portal opening. The sanctum disappears behind the distortion.You are on a mountain pass in a tropical region, on what seems to be a game trail. A curious marsupial hangs upside down from a neaby branch, watching you intently. A piercing bird cry cuts through the air, the marsupial scurries for cover in the thick branches. The sun is blotted out by an enormous bird circling overhead.
5A crimson handerchief with embroidered initials J.E.As you approach the bourdoir door, a red portal appears. A divine perfume fills the hall, leaving you lightheaded.You emerge in total blackness. All around you are various sounds of pleasure. Hands are on you. Some soft, some rough. They are attempting to disrobe you.
6A recently mummified rat, wrapped in linen strips, smelling of cedar and myrrhThe recently dug grave opens into a mawing black portal, you have the sensation that someone is standing over your shoulder, whipsering in your ear.Undead in various states of decay surround you. Gutteral noises, varied voices, and soft whipsers fill the air. Some appear angry, other curious. A woman in a long grey robe appears, quells the undead, and leads you to a private space to talk.
7A battered copper mug with the initials C.B. etched in the baseCopper pipes have fallen in this abandoned factory. Three of them form a triangle, which opens up into a portal as you approach.Shouts, venting steam, and the hammering of metal assail your ears. You step out into a crowded manufactorum. Skilled dwarven smiths are working the largest forge you've ever beheld. Rough hands push a shovel toward you and point you to a mound of coal.
8A single golden hoop earring, it is hollow and contains a drawn glyph representing deathIn a long abandoned graveyard, where the enscriptions have worn down. The cracked open mausoleum door sizzles as a green portal comes to life.In a mountainous brushland, an emaciated deer scurries past you on a narrow ravine pass. From behind it you hear the whispers of an enchanted hunting song. The shadow children are coming for their prey.
9A fractured shard of obsidian from one of the hells, devils will know you while you carry itBillowing heat pours out from the furnace maw. As you approach, a deep-yellow portal opens in its stead.You are buffeted by an intense heat, it sears your lungs and the sand causes you to cough. Rust-red desert dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. In the distance you see some dromedaries and cloaked figures moving away from you, a caravan.
10A black dagger, fashioned out of an unidentifiable metal. Counts as magic against shapeshifters.You see a long fence of spear points pointing into the sky around an old hospital. The iron gate at its center cracks into life as you pass it by. A portal appears.You feel cold stone against your back, and hear shouting from all around you. An explosion of briar and stone above you sends down a hail of shrapnel, soldiers are shouting that the gate has been breached.
11An empty leather feed bag, smells of fresh oats.You see a villager with two pigs on short ropes standing beside an open door. The sign reads "Butcher." The door opens into a portal as you near.The groans of hunger assail your ears. You are in a makeshift hospital ward. Dozens of emaciated, famine-wracked villagers lay on cots or against the walls. Corpses are piled in the room behind you, covered in a thin yellowing linen sheet.
12A small hempen pouch containing a fragrant potpourri. Inspection will reveal a small vial of poison hidden within.A line has formed. Everyone holds an empty container. Men stand outside the building, pouring grain into the containers in exchange for a ration token. As you approach the door, it opens into a portal.A bell is tolling through the streets. Plague-ravaged corpses are piled nearby. Two men wearing masks remove the dead. Town guards clad in crimson-hued iron approach you, asking to see your pass.
13A small pewter box containing a large pearl in a velvet sleeve.Downtrodden elves have gathered in force to protest the planned removal of a park. There is a doorway made from branches, brambles, and vines.You emerge on a dais, next to a surprised holy man bedecked in gold. The gathered worshippers erupt in cheers. As promised, their gods have arrived to lead them.
14A black candle that smells of ironA symbol etched into the ground, a portal spring to life.A centaur strides out of the dark woods. She knocks an arrow and instructs you to run.
15A pink silken ribbon, tied as a bow. Long smushed and dirtied.You hear children laughing, guards are posted at the entrance to the school. The jump back in surprise as the portal opens.You are on a floating platform. All around you is the open ocean. It is dusk, as the sun descends you see lights descending into the deeps below you, they glow orange beneath the waves.
16A small leather wrap containing a set of finely detailed needles.An open sewer grate tears into a portal as you near it. The portal sounds like a rain storm.You stand before a derelict home, an overgrown trail leading away behind you. Movement in a second-story window catches your eye, was that a child?
17A small metal box with a divine symbol pressed into the top, containing a tinder box.A mural depicts a woman looking through a window at a pastoral scene. The scene transforms into the yawning maw of a portal as you approach.The coronation of a female monarch is underway. You emerged on a nearby rooftop. A small group of old men and women are getting drunk together. A half-played game of dominoes is on the table. Cries ring out as an assailant appears before the queen.
18A leather wrapped metal flask.A lonely beautiful woman sits in a seluded garden, gazing into a small pool. When you approach, she stumbles back in surprise as the pool becomes a portal.You are in complete darkness, the sound of a giant snoring shakes you. The bones and belongings of humans are all around your feet. 1d6 magical stones can be found in the room, as they get within proximity of one another they emit a piercingly loud sound.
19A belt buckle emblazoned with a large five pointed starA sarcophagous lid has been cracked open and pushed to the ground. The empty coffin opens to dark red portal.You are on an airborne lodestone, hundreds of feet in the air. For as far as you can see in any direction there is only ocean. A small cave here is home to an ancient seer.
20A flat cap that fits you snugly.A childrens game in chalk is etched on the street. A large chalk circle opens to reveal a light green haze of a portal.You emerge into an enormous cavern filled with crystals. Campfire light from across the room is refracted and aplified by the crystals. Exhausted adventurers are resting there.