Session 10: Journey to the Biting Marsh

Renn’s Downtime

Renn spent some time with High Priest Ressimilae Starlight helping the refugees. While doing so he heard of some highwaymen waylaying refugees heading south.

Return the Slaying Stone

The party went up to the keep to give Kiris Alkirk the Slaying Stone. They saw the town militia arming themselves in preparation for the Orc attack that seemed imminent. Alkirk thanked them for their deed and said that the stone might be useful in the coming attack. He gave them a chest with 300gp and some gems and told them to stay safe.

Finding a Vessel

The group decided to get out of town before the attack, and went looking for a boat south. The prices were very high for boats on this side of the waterfall. A new row-boat sold to a rich man for 100gp. The party decided to get on a river-barge that was almost overloaded with passengers for 5sp each.

The Interruption

The journey went unremarkably for the first afternoon and night. However, the boat ran aground a small sandbar during the late morning of the second day. Theodore and Renn tumbled off the boat into the water along with half the passengers. Renn made quick work getting back on the barge, but theodore began slipping away into the strong current along with some of the other struggling passengers. One passenger screamed in surprise and was pulled down into the water, air bubbles indicating his position. Theodore was able to get back on the boat with the aid of Al’s thrown rope, and the two of them went about trying to help passengers and unmoor the boat. Renn dove in to try to save the drowning passenger, finding a zombie like hand grasping the leg from out the mud. Renn lost his dagger trying to free the passenger, but managed to unclasp the hand after a few rounds of struggle. Once the hand lost its prey, it made a grasp at Renn. Luckily, it missed. In the stress, Renn bounded up to the surface but forgot to bring the passenger with him. He returned and finally got the seemingly lifeless body up to the boat. His first resuscitation attempt was fruitless but a magical healing did the trick.

Fort St. Argus

Fort Argus loomed ominously above the river, sitting on an embankment of lichen-covered stone. Rickety docks held a variety of barges and row-boats  belonging to refugees from the north. A few illkempt guardsmen stood at the open gate, passing a cigarette with yellow paper and a strange smell. The fence seemed made from swamp wood, a ramshackle assortment of whatever could be found and scrapped together. It wouldn’t stand up against much of an attack, but seemed suited to helping the townspeople forget that they were living in such a dreary location. Unfortunately, even with the surrounds out of view, the town was equally dreary. People loafed around in the late evening, the smell of cook fire in the air. The smoke from the pits seemed to sit thick in the town as if afraid to venture too far from the hearth.

Twice-bitten Tavern

Al had been to town before, and led the group to the only inn with a bathhouse. They checked in and paid their 1g each. Al went to the barkeep, Dick, and chatted to him about the recent goings-on. Dick told Al that he didn’t know where Redmaine was, but that the tanner or the witch might know. They would both be around the market in the morning

Merchant Knights of Flatstone Fortress

In the tavern, the only patrons of note were Ser Caliba Thial and Ser Neve Mezer. Both were dressed in strange armor, seemingly of Tortoise shells and other rare materials. They were discussing trade values in nearby locations when Al approached. He asked if they knew where Redmaine might be found and they demurred, but said that he was known to trade at the Flatstone Fortress. They asked if Al was buying anything and ended up selling him 5 doses of Saporific Slime for 10g.

Alfie Richardson - The Tanner

Alfie and Al had met on Al’s previous visit. Alfie slowly remembered Al from the tavern, and warmed up to him. He said that Redmaine tended to come by with skins and pelts twice a month, and that he had last come 6 days ago. He indicated the area where he thought Redmaine lived, in the haunted woods behind Kalton Manor. He also offered to assist the party with some magical leather armor in exchange for assistance with a task. He told the party to come back in a few hours to sit with him at lunch for more details.

Session on 9/11/17