Abandoned Bobcatmen Cave

Last session I offered my players three paths out of the Flatstone Fortress. One was to an abandoned cave, so I wanted to go ahead and prep in case they decide to go there next session. There is a bounty for the Calytaur, so the players are aware that they are in the region, but not that they are using the cave.

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Drune Imposters

I've been playing a lot of Gavin Norman's Dolmenwood and enjoying it. I was thinking about making a short Drune dungeon. Instead I made a dungeon for fortune-telling hucksters that are pretending to be Drune. Obviously the Drune would be upset by this, maybe the players run into the real Drune after he has some choice words with the poseurs. I think the old ruin was some sort of temple where ancients would perform human sacrifice to appease the fey. Map by Dyson Logos.