Session 1 – A Missing Bookie

The campaign began in a harbor town on a recently discovered continent. The continent had only been known of for a century or two, long enough to have many humans but fewer members of the longer-lived dwarf or elvish races.

A halfling bard, Som Towyer, disembarked from a ship and convinced the dwarf cleric, Kjango, to help him carry his luggage into a nearby tavern.

In the tavern, the bard sized up the room and his eyes were quickly drawn to a giant goliath, The Count, standing on the far side of the bar. A scheme seized the bard, and he quickly set off to convince both dwarf and goliath to agree to have a drinking & keg chucking contest, and asked the goliath to help him to throw the contest. They all agreed on the terms, and the bard began raising bets and interest by hopping onto a table.

Quickly a bookie emerged from the crowd, Rufe began taking bets and put long 4-to-1 odds that the goliath would win. The bard went all-in with his 30 gold and a number of townies placed bets both ways. After some time, the group went outside to begin the contest. The goliath seemed less than fully committed to the contest and many in the crowd noticed his lack of enthusiasm. When the dwarf won the contest, cries of anger and dismay emerged from the crowd. The crowd surged forward intent on forcing a rematch, when the party suddenly noticed that Rufe was nowhere to be seen.

A keen eyed human druid had been watching from the shadows, Xanadorf is curious about the outcome of this exchange and followed the group on their search for Rufe. Their first stop was to go back into the bar to confront the barkeep.

The party entered the bar to witness Winkle the barkeep hoisted into the air by the collar of his shirt. Townies were crowding around demanding answers and demanding their money back. The meek barkeep seemed at a loss for what to do. As soon as the thugs noticed that the party had entered the room, the largest man dropped the barkeep. Winkle quickly scattered himself away behind a locked storeroom door.

The large man and his thugs approached the party, accosting them and insinuating that they were party to this theft. He demanded that the party tell him where Rufe had gone. The man followed up his demand with a string of insults and a ending with a display of spitting at the feet of Kjango. The party responded with hostile intent, and after killing the large man and one of his thugs, the other two thugs surrendered.

The party demanded that the thugs take them to Rufe, the thugs complied as best they could by taking the party to the store owned by Rufe’s uncle Corbett, the rope merchant. As the Rope Store was just around the way from the bar, it seemed a likely place that Rufe might have run to hide. The party let themselves into the back storeroom from the alley and found a room filled with ropes, crates, and barrels. They quickly began bashing open barrels in the back corner, seeing dust on the ground where a barrel has clearly been moved recently. After cracking open the barrel, the party found a long cylindrical wooden tube, almost black in color and covered in intricate carvings. One end looks like it might twist free, and the party chose to open the container with care. Slowly vapors seeped out of the container, followed thereafter by a thick liquid. The party backed away and watched with interest.

After a few moments, a bark-like object emerged from the sand. Meanwhile, an irate Kjango and Som burst into the front room to demand that Corbett tell them where to find Rufe. The bark like object slowly rose from the cylinder, appearing to grow slowly. Xanadorft decided to prod the object with his staff, which immediately fused with the object. In surprise, Xanadorf let the staff fall to the ground, tipping over the cylinder and the object. The object quickly began to grow in size once exposed to the air, and appeared to fuse with everything it came into contact with. The party ran in fear and emerged out onto the street. They turned to behold a giant tree fusing with and growing out from the roof of the rope store. The party and Corbett watched on with wonder as a giant tree grew and expanded before their eyes.

-Session held on 2/23/2017