d20 Magic Weapon Table

I was running a module that called for a +1 sword but decided that it would be more fun to roll for some random traits. This table could be used for inspiration, or you can roll a d6 to determine which columns apply to the weapon based on the value in the header. I’ve hidden some of the columns in this display to prevent text wrapping, but they are visible in the PDF.

Radius: When a Magical Effect needs a range, roll a d6. 1-4 is Touch, 5 is 5′, 6 is 10′

PDF Here

d20Form (or Choose)Appearance (5/6)Magical Effect (5/6)
1DaggerCold to the touchBane to Undead
2QuarterstaffFades to blackUnbreakable
3Short SwordSlightly translucentPurifies water (radius)
4Long SwordGlistens as if wetBane to Outsiders
5MaceMotif of branchesBane to Elementals
6WarhammerBattle-scarredConverts water into a thick fog
7Battle AxeCovered in diagonal hatchmarksCauses plant bloom (radius)
8Great AxeEtched with diamond patternContaminates water (radius)
9Two-handed SwordUnidentifiable materialQuells Fire (radius)
10Morning StarStamped by a master craftsmanMelts Ice (radius)
11Bastard SwordDisplays a family crestCalms animals (radius)
12FlailReflects no lightInvisible to Lawful
13GladiusInlaid with human boneMuffles sounds made (radius)
14MacheteRunes along the spineSearing pain to Chaotic
15SpearCovered in tiny cursive namesHums at a high frequency
16HalberdDepicts a creation-mythChance to cause bleeding (1/6)
17SledgehammerSeems to be hollowGlows near magic (radius)
18TruncheonAbsorbs bloodPoints north when balanced
19ScimitarWrapped in supple leatherLeaves opponents dazed (1/6)
20RapierRoll Twice on this tableLightning ward (radius)