d20 Portals, Keys, and Destinations

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1A mala of dark brown beads are always warm to the touch. Every eighth bead has a tiny holy symbol carved in exacting detail.In a large private room, the noise of the city barely registers. You feel an inner peace. A recessed shrine in the far wall has a pedestal with nothing on it. As you approach, a portal cracks into existence in the recession.You are in the same room, but it is filled with various monstrous humanoids prostrating themselves. Their skins are all different shades of blue. You hear a metalic groan and a bronze six-armed golem enters the room, striding towards you. Only the enlightened may remain here.
2A small leather pouch filled with 1d6 small carved bloodstone acorns. The acorns will grow if planted in volcanic soil.In a busy market you see a struggling vendor selling dirt and weeds. An arched trellis in the back of the stall is covered in dead vines. As you approach, a portal opens in the trellis. The vines on the trellis begin to floursh.You step out into an orchard of enormous & beautiful fruit trees. The fruits are deep red and enveloped in a hard shell in the rough shape of a human heart. Upon inspection, nestled in the roots of each tree will be 1d8 humanoid skulls, mostly fractured or embedded in the tree.
3A small empty glass vial with a cork. Only functions if it remians unopened. If opened, the party will be haunted by a wind spirit.In a high room, you hear the wind blowing through an open window. As you enter the room, debris blows across the floor in neverending flurries. If you approach the open window, a portal will crack to life and a loud wind will pour forth into the room, making hearing difficult.You are in a grey-blue space, buffeted by wind. You are falling. Far below you is a wind swept plain, dark shapes make their way across the ground, tornadoes. You can see a hill with an ancient castle in the far distance off to the North. The wind seems to come from that way. If you get close, you can see that grey skinned giants are pumping enormous bellows.
4A quill made out of a never-before-seen feather. Everyone who sees the feather sees it as a different color.Taxidermied birds hang from the wall of the office in this fine home. While approaching an open doorframe to the inner sanctum you hear the static of a portal opening. The sanctum disappears behind the distortion.You are on a mountain pass in a tropical region, on what seems to be a game trail. A curious marsupial hangs upside down from a neaby branch, watching you intently. A piercing bird cry cuts through the air, the marsupial scurries for cover in the thick branches. The sun is blotted out by an enormous bird circling overhead.
5A crimson handerchief with embroidered initials J.E.As you approach the bourdoir door, a red portal appears. A divine perfume fills the hall, leaving you lightheaded.You emerge in total blackness. All around you are various sounds of pleasure. Hands are on you. Some soft, some rough. They are attempting to disrobe you.
6A recently mummified rat, wrapped in linen strips, smelling of cedar and myrrhThe recently dug grave opens into a mawing black portal, you have the sensation that someone is standing over your shoulder, whipsering in your ear.Undead in various states of decay surround you. Gutteral noises, varied voices, and soft whipsers fill the air. Some appear angry, other curious. A woman in a long grey robe appears, quells the undead, and leads you to a private space to talk.
7A battered copper mug with the initials C.B. etched in the baseCopper pipes have fallen in this abandoned factory. Three of them form a triangle, which opens up into a portal as you approach.Shouts, venting steam, and the hammering of metal assail your ears. You step out into a crowded manufactorum. Skilled dwarven smiths are working the largest forge you've ever beheld. Rough hands push a shovel toward you and point you to a mound of coal.
8A single golden hoop earring, it is hollow and contains a drawn glyph representing deathIn a long abandoned graveyard, where the enscriptions have worn down. The cracked open mausoleum door sizzles as a green portal comes to life.In a mountainous brushland, an emaciated deer scurries past you on a narrow ravine pass. From behind it you hear the whispers of an enchanted hunting song. The shadow children are coming for their prey.
9A fractured shard of obsidian from one of the hells, devils will know you while you carry itBillowing heat pours out from the furnace maw. As you approach, a deep-yellow portal opens in its stead.You are buffeted by an intense heat, it sears your lungs and the sand causes you to cough. Rust-red desert dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. In the distance you see some dromedaries and cloaked figures moving away from you, a caravan.
10A black dagger, fashioned out of an unidentifiable metal. Counts as magic against shapeshifters.You see a long fence of spear points pointing into the sky around an old hospital. The iron gate at its center cracks into life as you pass it by. A portal appears.You feel cold stone against your back, and hear shouting from all around you. An explosion of briar and stone above you sends down a hail of shrapnel, soldiers are shouting that the gate has been breached.
11An empty leather feed bag, smells of fresh oats.You see a villager with two pigs on short ropes standing beside an open door. The sign reads "Butcher." The door opens into a portal as you near.The groans of hunger assail your ears. You are in a makeshift hospital ward. Dozens of emaciated, famine-wracked villagers lay on cots or against the walls. Corpses are piled in the room behind you, covered in a thin yellowing linen sheet.
12A small hempen pouch containing a fragrant potpourri. Inspection will reveal a small vial of poison hidden within.A line has formed. Everyone holds an empty container. Men stand outside the building, pouring grain into the containers in exchange for a ration token. As you approach the door, it opens into a portal.A bell is tolling through the streets. Plague-ravaged corpses are piled nearby. Two men wearing masks remove the dead. Town guards clad in crimson-hued iron approach you, asking to see your pass.
13A small pewter box containing a large pearl in a velvet sleeve.Downtrodden elves have gathered in force to protest the planned removal of a park. There is a doorway made from branches, brambles, and vines.You emerge on a dais, next to a surprised holy man bedecked in gold. The gathered worshippers erupt in cheers. As promised, their gods have arrived to lead them.
14A black candle that smells of ironA symbol etched into the ground, a portal spring to life.A centaur strides out of the dark woods. She knocks an arrow and instructs you to run.
15A pink silken ribbon, tied as a bow. Long smushed and dirtied.You hear children laughing, guards are posted at the entrance to the school. The jump back in surprise as the portal opens.You are on a floating platform. All around you is the open ocean. It is dusk, as the sun descends you see lights descending into the deeps below you, they glow orange beneath the waves.
16A small leather wrap containing a set of finely detailed needles.An open sewer grate tears into a portal as you near it. The portal sounds like a rain storm.You stand before a derelict home, an overgrown trail leading away behind you. Movement in a second-story window catches your eye, was that a child?
17A small metal box with a divine symbol pressed into the top, containing a tinder box.A mural depicts a woman looking through a window at a pastoral scene. The scene transforms into the yawning maw of a portal as you approach.The coronation of a female monarch is underway. You emerged on a nearby rooftop. A small group of old men and women are getting drunk together. A half-played game of dominoes is on the table. Cries ring out as an assailant appears before the queen.
18A leather wrapped metal flask.A lonely beautiful woman sits in a seluded garden, gazing into a small pool. When you approach, she stumbles back in surprise as the pool becomes a portal.You are in complete darkness, the sound of a giant snoring shakes you. The bones and belongings of humans are all around your feet. 1d6 magical stones can be found in the room, as they get within proximity of one another they emit a piercingly loud sound.
19A belt buckle emblazoned with a large five pointed starA sarcophagous lid has been cracked open and pushed to the ground. The empty coffin opens to dark red portal.You are on an airborne lodestone, hundreds of feet in the air. For as far as you can see in any direction there is only ocean. A small cave here is home to an ancient seer.
20A flat cap that fits you snugly.A childrens game in chalk is etched on the street. A large chalk circle opens to reveal a light green haze of a portal.You emerge into an enormous cavern filled with crystals. Campfire light from across the room is refracted and aplified by the crystals. Exhausted adventurers are resting there.