Nightmare Incursions

I have been going back to Johnstone Metzger's The Nightmares Underneath, but I haven't really used it to run everything nor had I read all of it. I kept telling myself about how it was a cool hacked system that hinged around the idea of "nightmare incursions" springing up into a fantasy middle-east. I've been wanting to run some of the incursions, as I like running short campaign arcs and one shots. I like these incursions as a conceit for why there are various dungeons that spring up in a single location, and a good excuse to hand-waive a lot of the pieces of the game that I don't always want to directly engage with.

I wanted an easier way to conceptualize how to write & run one of these Incursions so I made this one-pager and am sharing it with Johnstone's permission. There are only a few slight edits to the original text. I wrote these nightmare fuel questions so they are distinct from Johnstone's. The anchor valuation is slightly different but Johnstone's is also exponential. Finally, I think I would likely determine the "emotion" of the Incursion as a first step, before determining the Crown or Anchor.