Session 1 – Kiris Dahn

The party began in the town of Kiris Dahn. They had been tasked with retrieving the last remaining Slaying Stone from a human town which has been eight years fallen to chaos. Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds have made the town their home.

The party stealthily approached the edge of the town and observed some goblins beating up a kobold, they took advantage of the distraction to sneak deeper into the town to look around.

They looked at a map they had been provided and decided to sneak through the woods to approach the library. They hoped to find the stone within. Some of the party were a bit heavy-footed passing through the woods. Some nearby kobolds saw and heard the party leave the woods near the front entrance to the library. The kobold ran up to behold the Dragonborn in the party, and asked him if he was there to liberate them from the oppression of the goblin overlords.

The Dragonborn, Sam, was made uncomfortable by the situation and answered affirmatively in the attempt to get the kobold to leave them alone. The gleeful kobold ran off saying that he would spread the word that it was time for rebellion.

The party snuck into the library and the rogue went to dispatch the goblin patrolman that was singing a song in a nearby hallway. His attack missed and the goblin went running into the main room. The goblin was struck down but not before raising the alarm. Goblins from upstairs swarmed down into the main room of the library, and the party took a few well struck blows before cutting down the last goblin.

They proceeded upstairs, searching for a Goblin named Rort whose name they had found written on a note in the pocket of one of the goblins. Rort was found in a room full of books, devices, alchemical contraptions, and other junk.

Rort was surprised by the group, but was denied the opportunity to respond due to a Sleep spell. He awoke tied up and answered the parties questions about the town. He said that there were two areas of the town that had undiscovered magical items. The manor house and the hot springs. He moved to the table to show a map to the party, and stealthily readied a darkness scroll.

After a few moments of discussion, he activated the scroll and made a dash from the room. He bumped into Genevieve on his way out, and Genevieve was able to keep up with him. She caught him in her next Sleep spell and cut his throat while he was held on the ground.