Session 3 – Return to Safe Harbor

We began in the Orc Lair. Some gems were hidden in the chieftains chair. Xanadorf claimed a wooden flagstaff as his quarterstaff on the way out.

The party returned to the headquarters of the Highwaymen and, after a long debate, convinced the highwaymen to let them take Rufe back to town to face trial.

They then led Rufe back to town and arrived during the evening. They met with the mayor and were able to convince the mayor of their innocence. They also convinced the mayor that the elves were somehow complicit.

Som Tawyer wanted the mayor to arrest the elves, but the mayor informed the group that elves had already departed from town.

The mayor gave them a week’s stay at Winkle’s inn, “Little Winkle’s Watering Hole.” Winkle would not give them free drinks, and after some prodding, Winkle offered them free drinks if they could rid the town of some local ruffians that often caused trouble. They were called the Brothers Olaf and they are fur smugglers working in the leather vest gang. He said they would likely be found down by the Fighting Dog Pub.

The party went to the fighting dog pub, and convinced the leather vest gang that they had a dire wolf pelt for sale in the alleyway.  The gang stepped up and saw the druid shape-shifted into a wolf. The leather vest gang saw through the ruse and mocked the adventurers, stepping into combat. There were some rough blows dealt, and the combat was ended when the cleric cast Thunderwave and blew all the combatants off their feet.

After they had been knocked down, they pointed the party towards the Brothers Olaf house, at the end of the street near the lumber yard.

The roughed up adventurers proceeded to the house and scouted that the two brothers appeared to be inside. One seemed asleep in a chair and the other at work at his desk. The house was the last of a row of shoddily constructed row houses, any sound was sure to wake the whole block.